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What customers are saying about RiskFootprint™

“I purchased a report from Coastal Risk before even making an offer on a lovely riverfront home in North Carolina. Their comprehensive flood risk report helped me decide that the house was a safe investment for me and my family.”

David Friedman, Winton

“I called Coastal Risk Consulting as part of my due diligence for the purchase of a piece of land on the Eastern coast of Florida because I was very concerned about the possibility of flooding. The RiskFootprint™ Report I received greatly exceeded my expectations. It was very thorough, helpful, and made it easy to move forward in this $2 million sale. I found this company to be very helpful and responsive. I would recommend Coastal Risk to anyone who is buying, insuring, or funding any piece of property!”
Diana Goulet, Commercial Real Estate Buyer

“My wife and I were looking at a vacation home in the Fort Lauderdale area. We are from Washington, DC and wanted to find out more about flooding and climate issues in South Florida before we made an offer. We heard about Coastal Risk online and were impressed with the firm’s credentials. We purchased your RiskFootprint™ report for a particular property and then discussed the report with one of the RiskFootprint™ staff. We are very impressed with your service and your product. It was on point in terms of what we needed in vetting the flood risks. The Report contained incredibly useful information that was reasonably priced. We are still sniffing around the area and will certainly ask for another risk assessment if we don’t purchase the subject property and decide on another. Thank you very much for your help.”
Paul M. –Washington, DC

“I did research before deciding whether to build a home and how high to elevate it. It was very difficult to get much real information upon which to base my decision. I found that local zoning had no future resiliency built in. Of course, much is unknown and there are no guarantees. But, the RiskFootprint™ Report from Coastal Risk helped me make informed decisions, and I am very grateful for that. Simply taking a guess and adding a few feet of elevation or deciding, without any scientific basis, how many steps to add didn’t seem responsible to me. So thank you for offering this report, it really helped me a great deal!”
Kayle Simon, Sarasota Homeowner

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Your RiskFootprint™ Report provides data and risk analysis from the highest quality sources:





Frequently Asked Questions

What is a RiskFootprint™ Report?
Buying or selling a home is one of the most difficult decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. Our holistic RiskFootprint™ Report provides potential homebuyers and existing homeowners and realtors with comprehensive, property-specific due diligence information needed to make better choices. We comb through billions of bits of scientific data on risk and hazards so you don’t have to. Our professional grade risk reports are easy-to-understand with graphic visualizations of current and future risks to your property. Most Importantly, it provides actionable data so you can decide if this is the right home to purchase or, if you own the property, how to protect it from future risks and climate change hazards.

Is there a RiskFootprint™ Report for every property?

Yes, every property in the US, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. This site is for single family homes. If you want to purchase a report for a commercial or governmental property, go to our corporate website via www.riskfootprint.com or contact customerservice@riskfootprint.com.

How long will it take me to get my RiskFootprint™ Report?

Standard delivery time for a RiskFootprint™ Report takes just one business day.

Who is the RiskFootprint™ for?

Typically, the purchaser is a homebuyer looking to better understand the risks of a home the buyer is interested in. Also, home sellers and realtors purchase to show due diligence or legitimize the value of the home or asset being sold.

What if I’m a home seller? Should I get a RiskFootprint™ Report?

Yes. The RiskFootprint™ report may show that there are no or few risks associated with the property and ease any concerns that a buyer may have. Also, if there are risks, some of them may be quickly and inexpensively addressed by the seller and, these upgrades can be communicated to the potential buyer. Examples may include: backflow preventer in the sewer lateral; impact windows or hurricane shutters; raising elevation of the HVAC compressor, etc.

Is a RiskFootprint™ Report affordable?

Yes. For just $150 for the Basic RiskFootprint™ Report, or $225 for a RiskFootprint™ Report Plus Consult you get peace of mind and know your risk – a small price to pay for what is often a lifetime investment. Better yet, our professional grade risk assessments and analysis will help you receive discounts on NFIP flood insurance, help you secure a mortgage loan from your bank, or secure savings on your flood insurance premiums for non-NFIP and private flood insurance.

Avoid Buying a Home with Costly Hidden Risks by Getting a RiskFootprint™ Report Today.

You wouldn’t buy a used car without a Carfax™. Don’t buy or sell a home without a RiskFootprint™.

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