FEMA flood maps will help condo managers to assess their property
For a large apartment complex REIT, we assisted with acquisition of several large new greenfield sites, to help them better understand the flood, natural hazard, and future climate change impact risks before the development plans were finalized and afterwards.
For a commercial real estate REIT, we cautioned them not to develop a big box retail store in a shopping center that was extremely vulnerable to heavy rainfall flooding. The REIT walked away from this deal and this shopping center took on 4 feet of water during Hurricane Harvey.
For a hotel/resort private equity firm, we provided in-depth studies post-acquisition on a $150M redevelopment of the property that included: additional hotel rooms, convention/banquet facility, aquatics center, restaurants and shops. Our work involved setting construction elevations, seawall heights, flood barrier systems, improved stormwater conveyances, upgrading AC chillers, and enlarging roof drains, etc.
For an industrial client in the Houston area, we recommended elevating $5M of high-tech manufacturing equipment from the ground level up 3-feet to lessen flood risks from the next Hurricane Harvey-type storm.
For a commercial lender undertaking underwriting for a construction take out loan of $56M, we advised the client to require flood insurance of up to 15% of the loan amount, even though the rental apartment complex in New Orleans was located in a FEMA X zone.
For a global insurance company, we provided flood damage/loss estimates for a manufacturing facility in Brazil.
For a global insurance company representing a US pharmaceutical company, we provided flood maps at various return frequencies for a greenfield site in India to assist them with site development and insurance issues.
For a retail bank in South Florida, we provide RiskFootprint™ reports to assist in underwriting of residential and commercial mortgages. Our reports help the bank’s loan officers to decide whether to make the loan or not, whether to loan for 15 or 30 years, and whether to hold the loans or sell them to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

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Our property specific flood, natural hazard and climate impact risk reports and advisory solutions available for your real estate portfolio adds to your due diligence risk management. 
  • Dashboard Portfolio-level web-portal includes bulk number of address organized in a  spreadsheet of RiskFootprint™ Reports and interactive map accessible through a private and secure web portal.
  • The spreadsheet includes the property address and the neighborhood risks.
  • Includes the aggregate risk scores of portfolio assets.

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