Miami Shores

Coastal Risk Consulting was retained by Miami Shores Village, located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, to perform an Environmental Vulnerability Study focusing on the effects of sea level rise (SLR), tidal flooding and storm surge. Coastal Risk utilized its state-of-the-art technology to model current and future flood risks due to tides, storm surge, and heavy rainfall, through the year 2048.
Coastal Risk uses as a centerpiece of its flood modeling the spatial extent of nonstorm or nuisance flooding, which is related to factors such as sea level rise, tidal forcing, groundwater depth, and local subsidence. In addition to the locations within the community where flooding will likely occur, the model projects how many days per year and how deep tidally-related flooding will be.
Coastal Risk presented maps showing flood risk to the community for public comment. The Team then worked with Village staff to develop a level of service that would meet the needs of the community. Finally, the Team developed and prioritized short- and long-term adaptation strategies to provide Miami Shores Village with the timeline and budget information necessary to enact a successful sea level rise mitigation plan.

Bay Harbor

In 2019, Florida Resilient Coastlines Program in the Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection, Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), awarded the Town of Bay Harbor Islands, Florida (BHI), a grant to assess natural current and future vulnerabilities in the Town.
The grant funding also provided the opportunity to develop strategies and policies to: (1) enhance the City’s short-andlong-term resiliency to climate-related hazards; (2) comply with “Peril of Flood” legislation established by Senate Bill 1094; and, (3) consider the designation of Adaptation Action Areas (AAAs) within the Town.
Following the award, Coastal Risk was retained by BHI to conduct an Environmental Vulnerability Study, in coordination with Town officials, consisting of three parts: (1) a Vulnerability Assessment focusing on the effects of sea level rise (SLR), tidal flooding, heavy rainfall and storm surge, as well as climate change impacts such as future extreme heat and storm surge; (2) recommendations for adoption strategies; and (3) recommendations for amendments to BHI’s comprehensive plan.


On behalf of NOAA and the National Weather Service, we provided comprehensive, RiskFootprint™ assessments for floods and natural hazards (wind, tornado, wildfire, and earthquake) for nearly 300 sites across the US, including sites in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

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Our property specific flood, natural hazard and climate impact risk reports and advisory solutions available for your real estate portfolio adds to your due diligence risk management. 
  • Dashboard Portfolio-level web-portal includes bulk number of address organized in a  spreadsheet of RiskFootprint™ Reports and interactive map accessible through a private and secure web portal.
  • The spreadsheet includes the property address and the neighborhood risks.
  • Includes the aggregate risk scores of portfolio assets.

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