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The Future of Physical Climate Risk Reporting

The RiskFootprint™ Dashboard is the best-in-class hazard assessment platform for real-world, actionable decision-making to make properties safer, more sustainable and resilient. The RiskFootprint™ Dashboard allows users to take portfolio and property-level risk assessments far beyond “check the box” ESG/TCFD reporting.

RiskFootprint™ Portfolio & RiskFootprint™ Property-level Reports

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ESG + TCFD + SASB + LEED + RELi _ USGBC Pilot Credits    + B-Resilient + ASTM/Due Diligence => RESILIENCE


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Understand Your Portfolio Risks and What To Do About Them

We provide an easy-to-use, private and secure website portal subscription, with a customer dashboard providing access to proprietary RiskFootprint™ Reports for each asset in your portfolio. Our reports help you make informed decisions about buying, selling, insuring, and protecting your real estate assets.

Geographically Mapped Assets

View existing assets on an interactive map with tabulated data, color-coded by individual or aggregate risks below. Reports outline current and future vulnerability for each asset in your portfolio of real estate, businesses, commercial loans or industrial sites, organized by neighborhood, municipality, or geographic region.

Existing Assets & New Acquisitions

Are you about to acquire properties with significant physical climate risks? Our web portal subscription provides actionable data on both your existing portfolio and, within a few clicks, you can add new assets or potential acquisitions to your dashboard, complete with reporting and data.


Asset Reports & Metrics

Our secure web portal subscription provides you with both portfolio and asset-level analysis and reporting. You also get qualitative Spreadsheets, and quantitative reporting through our RiskFootprint™ Reports. No other tool provides a risk assessment for specific properties and neighborhoods, and individual RiskFootprint™ Reports for each real estate asset in your portfolio.


Compare & Contrast Reports

Compare and contrast results with Elevation Certificates, FEMA flood maps, and your own construction drawings. Evaluate results property-to-property, or review your portfolio comprehensively.

Actionable Insights

Through our robust reporting, you save time and potential costs with quantitative, property-specific reports, improving decision-making and risk mitigation for your portfolio of investments. Need more? Our industry-leading advisors can help you with our 6-step B-ResilientTM process.


Resiliency & Environmental
Risk Management

Portfolio Risk Assessments

Resilience & Environmental
Risk Management


The RiskFootprint™ Dashboard is carefully designed to assist with comprehensive property review as a part of the due diligence process, both for existing buildings and new acquisitions. The RiskFootprint™ Dashboard provides customers with a secure web portal, an interactive map of the US, and portfolio spreadsheet scoring for 14 columns of risk. 
This includes 6 current flood risks, 4 current, natural hazard risks (wind, tornado, earthquake and wildfire), and 4 future (2050) climate change impacts (tidal/sea level rise, extreme heat, extreme rainfall, and risk of drought). Additionally, each property location on the interactive map is “clickable” and brings up a fully quantitative, RiskFootprint™ report.


Assessing risk carefully is an important aspect of the due diligence process. The RiskFootprint™ Dashboard or individual purchases of RiskFootprint™ reports is an important part of a rigorous underwriting process and research-driven market analysis. As part of the client’s due diligence process for new acquisitions, the RiskFootprint™ reports and the B-Resilient™ process enables the clients to understand hidden and future risks to understand the true value of property.
We routinely evaluate potential environmental and climate risks that could translate into future liability. The RiskFootprint™ suite of products assess a variety of potential climate impacts as well as direct and indirect energy usage requirements of an asset, green retrofit opportunities, and operating energy costs that can be quantified. These are included in the client’s underwriting of a potential investment.

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