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Protect People And Infrastructure From Massive Flooding

For coastal counties as well as those with major river systems, flood hazards from heavy rainfall, hurricanes, storm surge, groundwater inundation and surface drainage impacts are real and growing.

Helping residents and businesses understand the limitations of FEMA flood zone maps and the reality that flood insurance claims often occur beyond federally-designated Special Flood Hazard Areas is a crucial first step in preparing to become Storm Safe and Climate Ready.

Coastal Risk’s data-driven analysis of a locality’s actual flood risk, followed by public information outreach, helps leaders and stakeholders plan any needed measures to protect safety and economic value. Adaptation solutions may include improved drainage, road raising, berms and sea walls, or other engineering and environmental measures.

“Coastal Risk Consulting conducted a comprehensive vulnerability analysis and provided detailed street by street flood risk visualizations for every year for the next 30 years. This was very useful for a community that is increasingly impacted by Sea Level Rise, to determine what actions to take to preserve and protect our structures and way of life. Coastal Risk also provided Key Biscayne with practical adaptation strategies that were effectively explained to Village residents and officials at well-attended Town Hall Meetings.”

– Melissa White, Executive Director, Key Biscayne Community Foundation & Village of Key Biscayne Partnership

Projected Tidal Flooding for Key Biscayne, FL, 2016-2045:
The blue regions in this map depict areas that will be susceptible to tidal flooding based on Coastal Risk’s analysis.

Is your community at risk for flooding? We can help!

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