RiskFootprint™ and PRI/TCFD Scenario Reporting – Future Climate Change Impacts

The RiskFootprint™ Climate Meters are created from a meta-analysis of >30 climate studies using RCPs. The RiskFootprint™ meters represent planning tools for considerations regarding the future climate projections that must be considered by facility owners and investors. The level of risk indicated on each meter provides an indication of how planning needs to occur.

The Use of Scenario
Analysis in Disclosure
of Climate-Related
Risks and

For many organizations, the most significant effects of climate change are likely to emerge over the medium to longer term, but their precise timing and magnitude are uncertain. This uncertainty presents challenges for individual organizations in understanding the potential effects of climate change on their businesses, strategies, and financial performance.

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Our property specific flood, natural hazard and climate impact risk reports and advisory solutions available for your real estate portfolio adds to your due diligence risk management. 
  • Dashboard Portfolio-level web-portal includes bulk number of address organized in a  spreadsheet of RiskFootprint™ Reports and interactive map accessible through a private and secure web portal.
  • The spreadsheet includes the property address and the neighborhood risks.
  • Includes the aggregate risk scores of portfolio assets.

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