Learn about our exclusive Flood and Climate Risk Assessment™, available for Residential or Commercial properties

Help Desk

Did you know properties on the same street can experience different levels of flooding? Coastal Risk is here to help – We offer custom solutions for different homes.

Once you have your report, our Help Desk can help you decide how best to insure and protect your property, and whether to buy or sell it when the time comes. You can make an appointment to speak with a knowledgeable customer service representative for help with these important decisions.

Coastal Risk’s analysis shows minimized flooding with adaptation strategies.

Based on the results from your property’s Flood and Climate Risk Assessment™ we offer the exact adaptation solutions your home needs. From installing flood barriers to building sea walls, we along with our trusted partners will help you become resilient.

Which flood defense system is right for you?

Schedule an appointment with our Help Desk today to determine which of our partners can provide you with the flood defense system best suited to protect your home.

Creating resilience in a changing environment is our goal. We provide scientific knowledge while also giving you to the tools to protect your investment long term.

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