Learn about our exclusive Flood and Climate Risk Assessment™, available for Residential or Commercial properties

Are Any of Your Properties at Risk of Flooding?

“South Florida alone will face $366 billion of real estate loss from flooding by 2050.”
-Miami Herald

Coastal Risk’s customized Flood and Climate Risk Assessment™ offers predictive modeling technology that arms companies with more than a FEMA Flood Map or flood zones by zip code. Coastal Risk offers flood risk by address with one square meter precision, disclosing the precise knowledge of flood vulnerability and heat risk to office buildings, commercial properties, manufacturing plants, and equipment from climate change, hurricanes, flooding, and natural disaster risks.

Property due diligence plays a large role in determining the flood and climate change vulnerability for commercial properties. Coastal Risk gives companies the ability to reduce flood losses and lower reinsurance premiums by informing businesses of property flood history along with future effects with a 30 year flood plain map.

Obtaining the best analysis and projections of current and long-term impacts from flooding is the first step toward smart risk management, business continuity planning and capital decision-making.

“I called Coastal Risk as part of my due diligence for the purchase of a piece of land on the Eastern coast of Florida because I was very concerned about the possibility of flooding. The Flood & Climate Risk Assessment™ report was very thorough, helpful, and made it easy to move forward in this $2 million sale. I found this company to be very helpful and responsive. I would recommend Coastal Risk to anyone who is buying, insuring, or funding any piece of property!”

– Diana Goulet, Commercial Real Estate Buyer

Manage your Flooding Risk

Add Coastal Risk’s cutting-edge predictive modeling technology to your purchase or investment due diligence. Knowing the exact flood vulnerability for your commercial properties gives you the ability to prepare for hurricane season with the possibility of lowering your reinsurance premiums.

After identifying properties with high flood risk, check out our Flood Protection as a Service™ offering.

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B-Resilient™ – Our 5-Step process to Accelerate Resilience

NEW – Our Risk Assessments now include the future impact of climate change – See Sample Report

Protect Your Investments

Get Climate Ready and Storm Safe. Coastal Risk’s analysis of coastal and inland flood risks makes your investment process thorough and informed.

A ‘top-line’ summary of the flood risk for multiple properties (sample chart to the right) is available before ordering our detailed Flood and Climate Risk Assessment™ for a single selected address.

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